July Message from the VP

Post date: Jul 24, 2017 1:42:58 PM

How do you assess a successful trout fishing season? Did you catch your “personal best” or had a day when you “hammered” them on your favorite stream. For many, success is measured by the size or number of fish caught. And that’s alright. After all, that’s what fisherman and women talk about. And why join TU if not to share the enjoyment from catching trout.

But should that be the only measure of success?

For me, this year’s highlight was landing a trout on a fly I tied myself. But more important, was seeing the joy in the eyes of those who taught the class as I told them of my success. That feeling of sharing the joy of fishing is what turns me on. And TU provides us with many opportunities to do just that. What better high is there to see a new member grinning ear to ear after catching his first trout on a dry fly? Or helping a kid and his bewildered Mom catch a fish at the Jefferson Derby. How great is the feeling after a stranger hands you a $20 donation for picking up trash on the Flatbrook or when you hear a “Thank You” while float stocking. Or sharing in the excitement of a classroom full of kids when delivering trout fingerlings or an onion sack full of strange bottom dwelling creatures. Sharing the joy may take the form of simply making the effort to introduce yourself to a new member and inviting them to go fishing. Or volunteering for an activity outside your comfort zone such as helping a Vet with the Healing Water’s program learn to fly cast or stepping up to manage a chapter event. Sharing the joy is infectious. Whether you are exposed to it by presenting a new idea at a chapter meeting or by participating in a stream restoration project as ambitious as Sparta Glen, I would encourage all to catch the joy of fishing.

Hope you have a successful trout fishing season.

Rich Egge