Big Thanks - Paulins Kill Clean Up

Post date: Nov 13, 2018 11:10:14 PM


his past Saturday, the North Jersey chapter of Trout Unlimited held a very successful clean-up event along several upper sections of the Paulins Kill river. This event is part of a broader Paulins Kill watershed clean-up taking place at multiple locations that includes other TU chapters, as well as The Nature Conservancy and the SCMUA Wallkill River Watershed Management Group.

After meeting for coffee and donuts, our volunteers cleaned-up two critical locations in Augusta and Lafayette, as well as the parking area at the trail head on the Hyper Humus property.

We enjoyed the time together and made a direct, lasting impact on the Paulins Kill and surrounding area, removing 10+ extra large bags of trash, plus a tire and a rubber car bumper. Our efforts will also be appreciated by users of the Great Valley trail, the Sussex Branch trail, and the Paulins Kill Valley trail.

Special thank-you to our 9 eager volunteers: Dan Rodriguez, Dean Blumetti, Frank Abrusia, Fred Brindopke, Jan Beliveau, JoAnne Beliveau, Joe Devenney, Paul Bielecki, Phyllis Ianniello.