Loss of Fish in the TIC Schools

Post date: Dec 8, 2014 2:20:05 PM

Jessica Griglak, the State TIC Coordinator reports, that state-wide a good number (some 15 or 20) of this year's TIC schools have suffered fish losses. Some of the schools have already lost their entire tank full of fish. We know of two schools who experienced power outages, one that never added bacteria, another one that experienced a chiller malfunction, and the rest were most likely ammonia spikes over the Thanksgiving break.

Two of the affected schools are part of our chapter's responsibility. They are Greenhills School in Greendell, and Macopin School in West Milford. All these schools will be receiving a re-supply of fry from the Pequest Trout Hatchery. This will happen in early January, since further fish losses are anticipated to happen during the upcoming winter break. All for now!

Willi Huber