Notes from the President – February 2020

Post date: Feb 19, 2020 2:38:11 PM

Just a few notes to keep you all involved with what’s going on;

First off just a reminder that we are trying to have another Swap meet at the February meeting, we will have tables set up around the room and you can come early and claim a spot to put out whatever you bring to sell, trade or give away. We can leave it out throughout the meeting so there will be time to see what you have to offer prior to the start of the meeting, during the quick coffee break after the guest speaker and after the meeting is over.

The guest speaker for this month’s meeting is Bob Ramano and he will be talking about Fishing in Maine

You should have all received the Postcard in the mail for the annual Banquet by now, please note the change in location Farmstead Country Club in Lafayette this year, the date is March 21st

The next event coming up is thee Ramsey Outdoor Cast and Blast on February 22nd. We will need some help in our booth that day, if interested let one of the Board members know on Wednesday night. It’s a good day and worth the drive over to walk around and see the different exhibitors they’ve assembled for the day

After that we have March Madness on March 7th at a new location, it being held at the Cranford Community center 220 Walnut Ave, Cranford NJ from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Last year was the first time there were tiers from every NJTU Chapter tying, is a great event for a good cause and I would like to have our chapter were well represented.

Flatbrook Project update: TU National has filled Cole Baldino’s position, his name is Keith Fritschie, we have met him at the NJTU State Council meeting in January and he attended the NNJTU Board meeting 2 weeks ago were we all got to meet and talk with him as well. Keith is planning on attending the March Chapter meeting and introducing himself to the chapter and talk some on the status of the Flatbrook Culvert project , the way forward and most importantly what and how we can help.

The Somerset Fly show was scheduled for January 24th – 26th thanks to all that helped at the show with the coverage of our booth and selling the Raffle tickets for the Fly Box, which by the way ahs 1050 flies in it this year as well as the One Man Pontoon boat tickets too. Tickets for this will be available at the meeting, $5 per ticket and at the Banquet too.

The February annual Fly Tying classes have been cancelled this year, low sign up numbers. If anyone is really interested I would suggest coming out to the monthly Fly Tying round tables. There are always a group of tiers there willing to help.

All for now,


3 Month Look Ahead


    1. General meeting – 2/19/20 we are attempting to have another swap meet before and after the meeting.

    2. Guest Speaker – Maine Brook trout fishing

    3. Ramsey’s Cast & Blast 2/22/20

    4. Fly Tying classes - cancelled


    1. Banquet – 21st at Farmstead Country Club

    2. Board Meeting – 3/4/20 7:30 PM

    3. Banquet Meeting – 3/4/20 6:30 PM

    4. Fly Tying Classes –Cancelled

    5. March Madness – 3/7/20 9:00 AM – 3 PM Cranford Community Center

    6. Fly Tying roundtable – 3/10/20 7:30 at VFW

    7. Chapter Meeting – 3/18/20 7:30 at VFW

    8. Guest Speak - John Kovach, Catskill Fly Fishing Center and Museum Director in Livingston Manor NY


    1. Board Meeting – 4/1/20 7:30 PM

    2. Fly tying Round Table – 4/14/20 7:30 at VFW

    3. Opening Day 4/11/20, 8:00 AM Start

    4. Flatbrook Clean-up Day 4/18/20, 9:00 AM?

    5. State Council Meeting – 4/19/20 10:00AM start at Rutgers Campus