Election Time

Post date: Nov 3, 2015 3:02:23 PM

November in our United States is election time. It is also election time in the Fred S. Burroughs North Jersey chapter of Trout Unlimited. Please let me review the chapter positions that need to be filled:

President – A two year term that in December I will have fulfilled. A second two year term is possible according to our by-laws.

Vice President – A two year term that John will have fulfilled in December. Again, a second two year term is possible.

Secretary – Sue Reed has been the Secretary for at least fifteen years. We hope that nobody wants to or thinks they can replace her.

Treasurer – Because of the detailed nature of this position, and the requirements for income and disbursements that the Sparta Glen brook Restoration project is going to place on it, Tom has agreed to continue as Treasurer as long as his attendance is not a requirement..

Board Members

Ken McDonald agreed to continue as a board member and Investment Councellor as long as the chapter recognized that he will be spending a significant amount of time out of state. Lois’ At Large position on the board will be eliminated. Be assured, Lois will always be welcome to attend any board meeting. Greg Luty still has one more year to serve as Membership Chair. Darren Rist has indicated that he wants to be replaced as Education Chair. Joe Deveney has agreed to take over that position. Willi Huber has agreed to remain the TIC Coordinator.

Gary Ervey has one more year left on his term as Conservation Chair. Beginning in early 2016, this position is going to require a significant amount of time and the expertise that only Gary has as we make the Sparta Glen Brook Restoration Project a reality.

Warren Weglinski has one more year to serve as Fishing Activities Coordinator.

Bob Jacinto’s one year mandatory term as ex-president is over, but we request that he continue as a board member and PHWFF Coordinator.

Mike Murphy needs to be voted to the board as he has agreed to an At Large position and Assistant PHWFF Coordinator.

FSB and TU National is always looking for leaders to emerge. We have several people who are more than qualified to step up into leadership roles. Ed Sinning, Mike Maher, Tim Good, Dave Smith, just to name a few. Please express interest in managing your chapter as we go forward.

Glen Zeeck