Fall is in Full Swing

Post date: Oct 1, 2014 12:37:24 PM

Thanks to the volunteers who participated in our Sparta Glen Clean Up. While disappointed that we couldn’t stain the picnic tables, I’m told that everybody did enjoy their time there together.

I’m sorry to announce that because there are very few fish around, we have cancelled the salt water trip scheduled for October 4th. There may be a salt water trip later in the fall. However, there will be a Steelhead trip to the Salmon River on November 14 - 16.

The chapter’s entry into the New Jersey Fisherman of the Year contest, scheduled for November 1st, sponsored by Shannon’s Fly Shop, and held at the Raritan Inn is Willi Huber. Let’s all wish Willi well. Warren and Darren are his coaches. I can’t imagine how he can not win.

We are in need of about (300) flies (mostly dry) to complete the fly box that we raffle each year. PLEASE BRING SOME EXTRA TIES TO THE OCTOBER AND NOVEMBER MEETINGS.

And, maybe most important, I need a new Vice President. John said he would do it for a year. He also agreed to help the next VP. Please step up if you have any leadership skills or desires. We will hold an election in November.

Glen Zeeck