An Unexpected Thank You!

Post date: Oct 16, 2014 1:58:55 PM

During this year's egg delivery, Sparta school students presented chapter member Ed Desmet with a signed banner thanking our chapter for the contribution we made towards helping them to purchase a new chiller so that they could continue the TIC program. The banner was presented to the chapter during the Oct 15th chapter meeting later that evening. Money well spent!!

Subject: RE: Thank you!

Date: 10/16/14 09:04:19 PM

From: Steneken, Marilyn

To: Willi Huber

Dear Willi,

This made my day! So glad the banner finally reached you!

Our new eggs look healthy!. We have put the eggs under the video microscope and put the image on the board via the projector. We can see the heart beating and pectoral fins moving in the embryo. Please know that your efforts are bringing wonderful educational experiences to children!

The kids can't wait for them to hatch!

Thanks again!


Dr. Marilyn Steneken

Ruby Team - Life Science

Sparta Middle School