Club History


Melvin Jones was a member of one of many men’s luncheon groups in Chicago.  These groups were formed to promote member's own self interests.  Melvin wondered what would happen if these successful men would channel their intelligence and ambition into helping others instead.

He contacted men of other organizations, and the first Lions Club was born on June 7, 1919.  Today over 1.3 million men and women in over 43,000 clubs fulfill Melvin Jones’ dream of providing service to their fellow man.

In 1925 Helen Keller challenged the Lions to be knights of the blind, and since then Lions have devoted a large portion of their resources to the vision impaired.  Ms Keller summed up Lionism very well when she said:

 “I am only one, but still I am one. 

 I cannot do everything, but I can do something.

 I will not refuse to do the something I can do.”

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Eleven years after the first Lions Club was formed, twenty three men attended the charter meeting of the Lions Club of St. Joseph on June 15, 1928.  Since that first meeting at the Whitcomb Hotel the St. Joseph Lions Club has been an active Club. 

It has held dozens of raffles, participated in scores of white cane sales, picked up hundreds of pounds of trash on M-63 North, held thousands of noon meetings, sold hundreds of thousands of light bulbs, raised over three quarters of a million dollars to help the visually impaired, the hearing impaired, the community and youth activities, awarded hundreds of thousands dollars in scholarships, collected thousands of pairs of glasses for use in underdeveloped countries, cleaned Lions Park Beach scores of times, sponsored dozens of Camps for handicapped kids, and held multiple Arts and Crafts Show and basketball tournaments.

Yes, we have been an active club.


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1969    Robert E. Dearing
1968    David Fister
1967    Jimmy Butt
1966    Franklin H. Smith
1965    A.J. McDanold
1964    John Lindenfield
1963    Charles McLochlin
1962    John E.N. Howard
1961    Tom Mathieu
1960    Ray Dumke
1959    D.J. McGrath
1958    Dr. Howard Ross
1957    Frank Hill
1956    Morris Fetke
1955    Russell J. Taylor
1954    Dr. E.S. Gilliam
1953    Dr. George Ticknor
1952    Thomas Hrack
1951    Kenneth Smith
1950    Donald TeRoller
1949    Edward Menchinger
1948    Carl Ristau
1947    Dr. Robert Ticknor
1946    Charles Cameron
1945    William Ehrenberg
1944    Harold Diamond
1943    Richard Hooker
1942    Martin Kasischke
1941    William Lindt
1940    Joseph Peck
1939    Herman H. Gersondel
1938    Edwin G. Laggi
1937    Del H. Sproull
1936    Lawrence C. Fuller
1935    John DeVries
1934    Dr. Dean Richmond
1933    Charles Gates
1932    John W. Rody
1931    Robert Ludwig
1930    Curtis W. Johns
1929    Kenneth Wilkins
1928    John L. Swigert