40 Poemas
Translations into English of the poems included in 40 Poemas, a limited edition anthology of the poems of Miguel Hernández, illustrated by 38 local artists, edited and with commentary by Mariano Abad and José Antonio Torregrosa, and published by the Asociación Cultural Orihuela 2010.

The poems are published on card in a folder format, with a 4-page fold-over for each poem consisting of the poem itself, the illustration, and a full-page commentary. 40 Poemas is available in bookshops in Orihuela and elsewhere in the region for around 22€.

The originals of the illustrations are currently (2010) in a touring exhibition throughout Alicante province and elsewhere in the Comunitat Valenciana, and can be seen in an online gallery on the Asociación Cutural Orihuela 2010 website.

Each translation here is accompanied by the Spanish original, and a copy of the illustration included in the original 40 Poemas anthology. Some of them also have audio or video clips of readings or song versions.

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Original poems © Herederos de Miguel Hernández
Illustrations © the artists
Translations © Michael Shade
Retrato de Miguel Hernández
Roberto Ferrández