About Us - Lucas County Bar Association

Since 1928, the Lucas County Bar Association of Lucas County, Ohio has been welcoming members and is currently over 300 members strong. Join and find out for yourself why the Lucas County Bar Association is known as the friendliest, most welcoming bar. The Lucas County Bar Association is entirely run through the dedication of Officers and Executive Council members who volunteer their time and talent. The Lucas County Bar Association membership represents the full range of practice areas, practice settings, and years of practice. The Senior Members are honored annually with a special presentation. Also, the Past Presidents (see below) are honored annually and give their insights and wisdom from their Presidency term. High among the rights, duties, obligations and emoluments of membership in the Lucas County Bar Association is fostering of the "Toledo way of practicing law" -- the instant connection with fellow attorneys and judges, the welcome feeling at each week's luncheon, and the camaraderie of a very friendly organization unlike any other bar. Client referrals and networking are common at each meeting. Each member has a fond memory of exactly how s/he joined: a mentor, a colleague, a family member, a judge encouraged membership. Low membership costs, a delicious lunch, intelligent speakers and topics, and a friendly welcome are among the favorite reasons members join and remain active in the Lucas County Bar Association. LCBA members are among the list of past recipients of honors, such as from the Ohio State Bar Association, Toledo Bar Association, and the Access to Justice Awards, as well as among the longer list of past nominees. We are proud of the LCBA membership's honorable tradition of service to our community.

In addition, the Lucas County Bar Association has a history of co-sponsoring numerous events with local bar leaders, including the annual Memorial Service and the Diversity Luncheon with the Toledo Bar Association, the Big Unwind with the Toledo Women's Bar Association and a Naturalization Service for new US Citizens with the federal bar.

For more information about membership, please download a Membership Application (see link on left), contact the President on the "Contact Us" link (on the left), or just drop in at a weekly luncheon meeting. Guests are always welcome and enjoy their first luncheon for free. It's the LCBA's way to say "Thank you" for the guest considering joining our affordable, educational and growing organization. Annual dues are only $25 ($30 effective 1/1/2019) and are pro-rated for new members. If you are voted into membership between January 1 and August 31, your dues of $25 ($30 effective 1/1/19) are waived for the current calendar year. If you are voted into membership between September 1 and December 31, your dues of $25 ($30 effective 1/1/19) shall accompany this application and shall cover the remaining calendar year and subsequent calendar year. Download an application from this website today!

The LCBA leadership has remained strong throughout the decades in this and other bar associations. For example, many past LCBA Presidents were also leaders in the Toledo Bar Association, as noted below.

Lucas County Bar Association Past Presidents:

* = deceased

1928-33: Stephen Brophy*

1934: Eugene Rheinfrank*

1935: Arthur Cline* (Note: also Toledo Bar Association President 1945)

1936: George Taylor*

1937: John Forshey*

1938: Edward Buckenmeyer*

1939: Royal Binzer*

1940: Clarence Ducey*

1941: A.E. Simmons*

1942: Robert Mefley*

1943: Robert Kelb* (Note: also Toledo Bar Association President 1968)

1944: Amos Conn*

1945: Dennis Drennan*

1946: E. Jack Erwin*

1947: James Easley*

1948: Louis Lebo*

1949: Edwin Barger*

1950: Harry Hood*

1951: Arthur Brunskill*

1952: William Burgess*

1953: Matt Kolb, Sr.* (Note: also Toledo Bar Association President 1965)

1954: Walter Kohn*

1955: Jamille G. Jamra* (Note: also Toledo Bar Association President 1961)

1956: Gerald Ryan*

1957: Robert Morris*

1958: Edward Harris*

1959: Moe Okun*

1960: John Eastman*

1961: M. Robert Kopf*

1962: Thaddius Walinski*

1963: Harry Feldman*

1964: George Ferstle*

1965: Jude Sutter*

1966: Warren Wolfe*

1967: William Driscoll*

1968: James Fox*

1969: George Strassner*

1970: David Schnorf*

1971: John "Bull Dog" Rust*

1972: John Wasserman

1973: Ted Kwiatkowski*

1974: George Fell

1975: Matt Kolb, Jr.*

1976: Louis Hattner*

1977: Edward Clark

1978: John Wetli

1979: Robert Dixon

1980: Richard Kolb

1981: James Markwood*

1982: Warren Rayman*

1983: Charles Stupsker*

1984: Charles Racine

1985: Louis Zavac*

1986: John Gouttiere

1987: Margaret Weisenberger

1988: Randall Dixon (Note: also Toledo Bar Association President 2014)

1989: John Landry

1990: Thomas Stebbins

1991: Gregory Arnold

1992: Eddie Cole

1993: Francis Landry

1994: C. Drew Griffith

1995: Kevin Heban

1996: Nancy Miller

1997: Steven Lauer

1998: Mike Mikkonen

1999: Dennis Sawan, Sr.

2000: Susan Hartman Muska

2001: Richard Friedmar

2002: David Dennis

2003: Jill Hayes

2004: Connie Zemmelman (Note: also Toledo Bar Association President 2013)

2005: John Wanick

2006: Patricia Hayden Kurt

2007: John Mattimoe

2008: Joe Westmeyer III

2009: Beverly Cox

2010: Joanne Rubin

2011: Jean Ann S. Sieler

2012: Rick Baum

2013: D. Lee Johnson

2014: Megan McNulty

2015: Paul Syring

2016: Tonya Robinson

2017: Matthew Simko

2018: Craig Witherell