Resources - Lucas County Bar Association

Please use the links below to download important information regarding the Lucas County Bar Association.

Lucas County Bar Association Archive of Speakers and Topics 190122:

2019 Blank Dues Invoice:

Current Membership Application (.pdf):

Current Membership Application (.doc):

LCBA Constitution (rev. 1/21/2016):

LCBA Officer Duties - President:

LCBA Officer Duties - 1st Vice President:

LCBA Officer Duties - 2nd Vice President:

LCBA Officer Duties - Secretary:

LCBA Officer Duties - Treasurer:

LCBA Officer Duties - Executive Council:

1966 TBA-LCBA Attorney Fees Guide:

Please be patient with us as we audit the transition from "Classic" to "New" Google Sites and remedy the missing information that for unknown reasons is no longer available. Thank you.