Review of Basic Buddhism


After this lesson, the student will be know 3 basic facts of Buddhism and Jodo Shinshu


  • Buddhist Bingo Worksheet
  • Scavenger Hunt


  • Make copies of the Buddhism Bingo
  • Make copies of the Worksheet
  • Make copies of the Scavenger Hunt
  • Decide on the various locations for the Scavenger Hunt
  • Put a sheet of paper with the word "DHARMA"

* make copies of the Worksheet


  1. Opening Gassho
  2. Welcome
  3. Buddhism Bingo
    1. Hand out Buddhist Bingo sheets
    2. Students write the following words in any square. Write them on a board first.
      1. "Right View", "Right Thought", "Right Speech", "Right Conduct", "Right Livelihood", "Right Effort", "Right Mindfulness", "Right Meditation", "Dukha", "Tanha", "Nirvana", "Eightfold Noble Path", "Greed", "Ignorance", "Hatred", "Impermanence", "Interdependence", "No-self", "Dana", "Sila", "Ksanti", "Dhyana", "Viriya", "Prajna", "5 Precepts", "Nembutsu", "Shinjin", "Gratitude", "Buddha", "Bodhisatva" (There are more words than squares)
      2. They cross out the word as they are read. If the student can think of an example, then they write the example in that square. The student can now cross out any other square. In addition, they put a start in the other square.
      3. Randomly read the words above until someone gets a BINGO.
  4. Read the Worksheet answers. Students should follow along and fill in the fields.
  5. Have the students group into teams. (at least 3 people).
  6. Hand out the Scavenger Hunt forms.
  7. Review. If the teams finish early, have them meditate longer. If time expires, close down the Scavenger's Hunt. (You might need to chase down the teams).
  8. Closing Gassho.

Buddhist Bingo Game Board


Worksheet - Answer


Treasure Hunt