Social Savvy

Title: 5 Building Blocks of Being Socially Savvy


Grade Level: 6, 7, 8, High School

Keywords: Karma, Golden Chain, Mindfulness, Resonsibility, Compromise, Sensitivity, Respect


  • To experience dealing with social dilemmas
  • To develop alternative solutions to these dilemmas


  • Handouts for students and suggested solutions for teachers (below)


  • Need minimum of 5 students. 10 to 15 students would be ideal.
  • Divide into 5 groups of students. e.g. by counting off by 5s
  • Make sufficient copies of handout to each student


  1. Introduce subject by examining what the Golden Chain says about what we think, what we say and what we do (karmic actions)
  2. Distribute the Social Dilemmas Handouts with social situations and have students read.
  3. Have students write how they would deal with each situation.
  4. Teacher ask the students for their responses and write them down on a board for all to see.
  5. Teacher reads the suggested solutions and see how they differ or from what the class came up with.
  6. Discuss how students feel about their solution vs the suggested solutions.


  • Give quick review of the 5 Building Blocks (Responsibility, Compromise, Sensitivity, Respect, Know-how)
  • How all this relates to Karma (karma is a "sea" of causes and effects)
  • How this relates to Mindfulness (mindful person can be aware of the causes of their thinking and actions as well as mitigate how they are affecting others.)


Carefully sense the level of student's involvement with exercise and lesson esp. for younger students. Might need additional adult guidance.


Mas Horiuchi,, San Jose Buddhist Church Betsuin, September, 2010