Tibetan Race

This is an active, scavenger hunt activity. Please do not do if there is anyone who is unable to participate.


The students will learn about how Tibetan monks practice Buddhism


Location sheets and worksheets (below)


  • Decide on where the five locations are. The final (Menri) should be back in the classroom.
  • Download the Location sheets and change the location to what you decided upon.
  • Print the Location sheets
  • Make extra copies of the Location "practice" sheets.
  • Tape the Location sheets pages at the actual location


1. Presentation/Review

Key points:

    • Tibetan Buddhism is a combination of Theravadan Tipitaka with Mahayana concepts along with Tibetan mysticism
      • Tipitaka rules
      • Madhyamaka (Middle Way, Emptiness/Interdependence)
      • Yogicara (Breathing, Incorporating Yoga exercises and concepts)
      • Vajrayana (Visualization)
    • Tulkus : Reincarnations of Lamas
    • Schools
      • Bon
      • Nyingma (Ancient Ones)
      • Kangyu (Buddha’s Word)
      • Sakya (Grey Earth)
      • Gelug (Way of Virtue)
  1. Race Activities (This is incorporated into the Location sheets).
    • Samye Monastery: (Little Chapel) Meditation/Breathing
      • Sit with legs crossed. If you are breathing properly after 5 min. you may continue.
    • Ralung Monastery: (Board Room) Chanting
      • Memorize the 1st verse of Junirai
    • Sakya Monastery: (Library) Cleaning Meditation
      • Pick up 10 pieces of garbage
    • Drepung Monastery: (Gym Lobby) Visualization
      • Look at picture for 30 sec. Run to the other side. Draw.
    • Menri Monastery: (Little Chapel) 3 Marks of existance
      • Find something in the room that exemplifies the 3 Marks of Existance (do not give what they are initially)
        • Interdependence, Emptiness, Impermanence
      • Ask why
  2. Post race discussion
    1. Ask what was memorable?
    2. Ask what was hard?
    3. What do they think about Tibetan Buddhism?


The post race discussion serves as a evaluation point.


Mas Nishimura, nish221.at.gmail.dot.com, San Jose Betsuin, 2017