Jodo Shinshu


The student will know three facts about the history of Jodo Shinshu


  • Worksheet
  • History of the Hongwanji Station Sheets


  • Make sufficient copies of the Worksheet
  • Decide where the stations #2, #3, and #4 are. (#1 and #5 are in the classroom)
  • Print out the station sheets and place at each station
  • If desired, write the location of each station on a piece of paper and tape next to where you put the station sheets.


  1. Gassho
  2. Review
    1. We just covered: Zen, Jodo shu and Nichiren with Jodo shu and Nichiren coming out of Tendai
    2. Zen is about
      1. Meditation
      2. Central Sutras are: Diamond Sutra, Platform Sutra, Smiraladevi Sutra, Lankavatara Sutra
    3. Jodo shu is about
      1. Chanting the Nembutsu
      2. Central sutras are: Greater & Lesser Amida Sutra, Meditation Sutra
    4. Nichiren is about
      1. Chanting Namohorengekyo
      2. Central sutra is Lotus Sutra
  3. Setting
    1. The year is 1270
    2. Jodo Shinshu does not exist yet as an organization. (It does exist doctrinally)
    3. Shinran Shonin has passed away in 1263.
  4. History of Jodo Shinshu Buddhism
    1. Divide class into teams.
    2. Once the students arrive at each station, they should pick up the sheet and follow the directions
    3. Stations
      1. First sheet in classroom, answer questions.
      2. 2nd sheet
      3. 3rd sheet
      4. 4th sheet
    4. 5th sheet in classroom
  5. Review
  6. Gassho


The Summary sheet serves as a review

During review ask if they learned anything new. What was memorable.


This may be all done in one classroom.

To help keeping the information secret from "prying ears", I write down the locations on a sheet of paper to show instead of saying the next location.


Mas Nishimura,, San Jose Betsuin, 2018


First Sheet - Honbyo

Second Sheet - Rennyo

Third Sheet - Ishiyama Hongwanji

Fourth Sheet - Return to Kyoto

Fifth Sheet - Summary