Hanamatsuri Flower Tea Bags Tags of Wisdom


Grade Level: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

Keywords: Japanese Buddhism, Basic Buddhism, Hanamatsuri, Vesak


  • Students will explore deeper meaning of service text and become familiar with Buddhist quotes.


  • Empty paper tea bags, strings, paper to make tags and Bulk Tea to make own tea bags OR
  • "Choice" Teas or other brands with blank tags
  • Stapler
  • Scissors
  • Cardstock flower paper.
  • Sandwich sized ziploc bags
  • Pen
  • Lined paper
  • Optional: recycled tea tins


  • You can make the tea bags ahead of time or if time allows assemble the bags or extend to multi-week project.
  • Need Service texts (Dharma School Service Book or the more general Service Book are fine) for students to go through.
  • Need Buddhist quotes. Use quotes from the Buddha gathered online, books, etc.
  • Make origami boxes with flower paper
  • OR cover recycled tea tins with flower paper


  1. Present finished project to the students so they can see what we're doing. At least one tea bag with Buddhist quote in the tag.
  2. Students brainstorm Buddhist texts and quotes that are memorable with pen on paper.
  3. Students look through Texts and quotes provided they choose the ones they are going to use. (About 5 or 10).
  4. Students will cut out tag sized pieces of paper and write the chosen quotes nicely.
  5. Students will attach tags to the tea with staples
  6. Put them in the ziploc bags .
  7. Optional: Put the bags in the recycled tins.
  8. These may be taken home or given to the Sangha for Hanamatsuri.


  • Teachers look over the quotes with the students.


Doing as much prep as time allows makes this go smoothly.


Ellicia Milne, ellicia3.at.yahoo.com, Spokane Buddhist Temple, 2013