Three Treasures Freeze and Focus

Title: Three Treasure Freeze and Focus - Poster Board & Practice


Grade Level: K, 1, 2, 3

Keywords: Basic Buddhism


  • To teach 3 Treasures while bringing students back to focus to move forward with the lesson/project.


  • Poster Board
  • Picture of Amida Buddha with the light of wisdom
  • Picture of gassho (palms together)
  • Picture of community/group of people in a circular type frame (example)
  • Thick pen to write out brief caption (maybe printed)


  • Depending on time allowed, maybe prepare the poster board yourself or have older students help assemble.


  1. Once assembled and shown to the class teach the following actions to the students for each of the 3 Treasures.
    1. Buddha: arms in a circle above your head with finger tips touching each other.
    2. Dharma: gassho - palms together
    3. Sangha: from Dharma position, make a circular motion out from the center and around once with palms straight up & facing out. Repeat with palms facing up as if making an offering (still circular back to the center).
  2. Whenever you want to bring the classes attention back to focus to move forward or change gears during a lesson, have the students follow you through this motion - started by saying "Buddha"


  • If the students are able to follow the actions and say "Buddha, Dharma Sangha" by the end of session and are redirected to any other lesson that you are working on.




Ellicia Milne,, Spokane Buddhist Temple, 2010