After this lesson, the students will know three basic facts about Nichiren Buddhism


  • Nichiren Worksheet
  • Video


  • Print out sufficient copies of the Worksheets. Place in order.
  • If desired, download videos on a laptop and have projector ready


  1. Opening Gassho.
  2. Introduction
    1. Review the Zen field trip
      1. What was memorable?
      2. What was difference?
  3. Exposition
    1. Video (Stop at the beginning of the interview with Tina Turner)
    2. Read the master. Have students fill out the Worksheet as you read.
  4. Practices
    1. Hongan
      1. Chant "Na myo ho ren gekkyo" like in the video
    2. Dai moku
      1. Chant the hongyo 100 times
  5. Video : Show Tina Turner portion of the first video if time permits
  6. Review & Summarize
  7. Closing Gassho


During the review, make sure that you ask each student what they remember and correct if required.


This can be followed by a visit to a Nichiren temple. Please make sure to NOT visit Soka Gakkai International affiliated groups. Although many are perfectly fine; others are extremely evangelistic and antagonistic to other Buddhist traditions.


Mas Nishimura,, San Jose Betsuin, 2018

Nichiren Worksheet

Nichiren Worksheet - Answer