Future of Buddhism


The student will know one area of concern and one area of likely progress


  • Worksheet-Answers (from the Modern Trends)


  • Make sufficient copies of the Worksheet-Answers


  1. Gassho
  2. Review Current State of Buddhism
    1. India
    2. China
    3. Korea
    4. Japan
      1. Large majority, but apathy by many. Decreasing membership
      2. Incorporated into the culture; but many unaware of the relationship
    5. Southeast Asia
    6. Europe
    7. USA
      1. Different service structure
      2. Liturgy is same/equivalent to that in Japan
      3. Different funding/governance
      4. Different/similar mentality
        1. In US, extremely minority, decreasing membership
        2. Slowly extending to non-Japanese through inter-marriage and “import” buddhists
  3. What do you think will happen?
    1. What will happen to Buddhist in the world?
    2. What will happen to Buddhism in Japan?
    3. What will happen to Buddhism in US?
    4. What will happen to Buddhism in California?
    5. What will happen to the SJ Betsuin?
    6. What can you do to affect this?
  4. Review
  5. Gassho


During the Review ask what is memorable


This may be combined with the Modern Trends lesson. Usually, in addition, I start the Dana Project in which the students do something together. They need to 1) brainstorm & decide on what to do 2) plan and 3) execute.


Mas Nishimura, nish221.at.gmail.dot.com, San Jose Betsuin, 2018