Crossing Over Freeze Tag

Title: Crossing Over Freeze Tag


Grade Level: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Keywords: Jodo Shinshu, Pure Land Buddhism


  • Teaching about Samsara and crossing over to the Pure Land with aid of Amida Buddha


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  1. Need to be done outside in a field or a gym. i.e. large space to run.
  2. Have all the students start behind some line at one end of the playing space. (Any agreed upon line).
  3. Pick one student to be Amida Buddha. Pick one student to be Maya.
  4. Explain that the end represents the Pure Land and the middle ground between the start and the end as Samsara.
  5. When the teacher says "Go" students attempt to go to the Pure Land.
  6. Maya attempts to tag the students. If tagged, the students must freeze until touched by Amida who can free them to continue to the Pure Land.
  7. The round completes when last student makes it to the Pure Land.
  8. First student crosses to the Pure Land will be next Amida Buddha; last will be Maya in the next round.
  9. Maya must allow the last student to reach the Pure Land before starting the next round.


  • A discussion at the end about how students felt when they were in Samsara, were acting as Amida Buddha, and as Maya and how it felt to make it safe to the Pure Land.


This is a great activity if you have students who are restless and would benefit from active games.

Variation: Frozen students in Samsara could shout "Namu Amida Butsu" in Gassho.


Todd & Ellicia Milne,, Spokane Buddhist Temple, 2011