Student will know 3 facts about Tendai Buddhism


  • Worksheet
  • Worksheet-Answer
  • Lotus Sutra Sheet
  • Tentai Presentation


  1. Make sufficient copies of the Lotus Sutra Sheet
  2. If required or desired, download the Tendai Presentation to your laptop


  1. Review
    1. Shingon Buddhism
      1. Visualization
      2. Esoteric/Secret Teachings
      3. Discipline
  2. Presentation
    1. Use the Presentation, have the students fill out the Worksheet
  3. Video
    1. https://youtu.be/S06oMxdt40A
    2. Students should continue filling out the Worksheet
  4. Review the Worksheet
    1. Use the Worksheet-Answer
  5. Practices
    1. If time permits, the class can do the Tendai Practices
      1. 5 min Sitting Meditation
      2. Chanting the Lotus Sutra (using the Lotus Sutra Sheet)
      3. Contemplation
        1. Reading a verse of the Lotus Sutra
        2. Contemplate about what it means
        3. Discuss
      4. Visualize the words of the first verse
        1. Read the first verse as many times as you can in 30 secs
        2. Close eyes. See if you can "see" the verse
      5. Metta
        1. Say something nice to 3 different people in class
      6. Kinhin
        1. Walk slowly around classroom
  6. Discussion
    1. What did you think of this practice?
    2. What did you think of Kukai?
    3. Could you do this?
  7. Review


During the discussion & review


This can be made into a two day lesson


Mas Nishimura, nish221.at.gmail.dot.com, San Jose Betsuin, 2018


Worksheet - Answers

Lotus Sutra

Lotus Sutra Text & Translations


Tendai Buddhism Presenttion