Kamala and Other Poems

Kamala & Other poems

K. Jayakumar

The poems in this volume throb with a sense of vitality that a fresh plant would reveal when given the right environment to thrive. … I am sure the discerning reader will emerge fully satiated after having partaken of the agony and the ecstasy, the twists and turns of the inner life of a sensitive soul. There is a certain sense of sincerity that marks the poetic language of Jayakumar—I would see it as belonging to “the cult of sincerity”. Just anyone curious enough to flick through the following pages would certainly feel this sense of genuineness, a profound attempt to reach forth into the essence of language and not to be a mere spectator in a linguistic game of hide and seek that most poetry of the present suffers from. The poet longs to embrace each fleeting word, every fluttering phrase…. (From Foreword by Murali Sivaramakrishnam)

Contemporary Indian Poetry in English Series: ISBN: 9789383763887 Pages 84