Centre for South Indian Studies

Centre for South Indian Studies is a not for profit research organization with a mandate to pursue and strengthen inter-disciplinary research and studies relating to political, social, religious, cultural economic and scientific development of South India, and to promote interaction among all persons, bodies and institutions engaged in Indological / South Indian research.

CSIS promotes interaction among scholars and various institutions engaged in Indological/ South Indian Studies. Undertakes dissemination of knowledge and information in its mandatory areas by publication of books, journals, bulletins, newsletters, other publications and use of the current media like television and Internet.

Centre has initiated a series of projects named 'Projects for Universal Brotherhood' meant to popularise the literature, which reaffirm the eternally identical features of the human soul across space and time. Under centre has completed two projects; one on Hermann Hesse and the other on Khalil Gibran. Selected works of these authors were translated and published in South Indian languages as part of the project. Inspired by this project Hermann Hesse Society of India was established. It in association with the CSIS it initiated a project to translate Hermann Hesse's Siddhartha into all 22 Indian languages. Sanskrit, Hindi and Malayalam version are already published. Tamil. Kannada, Telugu and Assamese language versions are under preparation.

CSIS conducts special conferences, lectures, and discussions on various aspects of South India. The discussion papers are published as a series titled ' South Indian Studies'. Centre also publishes a series entitled ‘Contemporary Indian Poetry in English Series’. The first of the series of National Seminars on 'Contemporary Writing and the Arts - the Cultural Scenario of South India' was conducted in 2003. It dealt the topic 'Region, Literature and Culture'.

One of the areas, which CSIS focuses, is research on renaissance and reformation in South India - i.e period from 1850 to 1950. With this objectives Centre has established Chattampi Swami Archive (CSA). Research initiated include life and work of Ayyavu Swami, Chattampi Swami, Narayana Guru, Neelakanta Theerthapada, Theerthapada Paramahamsa, Ayyankali, Nityachaithanya Yathi, Elathur Ramaswami Sastrikal, Padmanabha Bhagavathar, Raja Ravi Varma etc. Resulting from the research a series of biographical works on renaissance leaders and compared and edited version of their works including their unpublished manuscripts were published.. Centre has also initiated a project to digitally archive the works on and by the great spiritual leaders of the renaissance in Kerala, using voluntary service.

Centre for South Indian Studies, Trivandrum –695043. E-mail: indiastudies@gmail.com