Atmanandha Krishna Menon

Atmananda Krishna Menon: Direct Path to Realization – ‘I’-Principle

N. Narayana Pillai

Atmananda Krishna Menon was a great spiritual teacher of recent times. What distinguishes him from the rest is that he was concurrently a householder and a senior police officer, too. A profound proponent of the Advaita School, he believed in imparting spiritual lessons through direct, personal contact. He was interested in neither institutionalizing his approach nor in publicity for himself. He separated the wheat from the chaff, as it were, while elaborating intricate spiritual niceties. The book provides his brief biographical sketch and explains, in simple terms the unique direct path taught by him the ‘I’-P rinciple.

2019. Hard Bound. Pages: 696. ISBN: 978-93-83763-91-7. Rs. 1600/-