Landships google Homepage - British Tank actions of the First World War

This website contains detailed, properly referenced, summaries of the histories of the British tanks which were built in 1916, 1917 and 1918.

The information is provided in three ways:

        Lists of tanks by their name or / and serial number, briefly giving each vehicles known history.

        Narratives of the various tank actions, each action listed by company, some of the Narratives have sketch maps attached.

        General information about tank production, tank colour schemes, tank organisation, tank identification etc. 

Note: Prototype tanks, Mk III tanks and types that didn't fight in WW1 will not normally be referred to on this site.

Whilst almost all the narratives are now written the site is still not finished and does contain some errors, the Author will eventually correct these. 

Note that the Author has used a unique referencing system, see sources link below for more details.

The Author thanks Gerald Moore, Johan Vanbeselaere, Stephen Pope  and Gwyn Evans for all their invaluable help and support, this site would be far poorer without them.  



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