Absolute Beauty and Relative Beauty

Science has come up with findings both for absolute beauty and relative beauty.

A face with certain proportions has been shown to transcend cultural relativism and be seen as beautiful by people all around the world.

At the same time, in a study that showed 500 faces to 20,000 people, each face got picked as the most beautiful at least once.

This means that there is such a thing as absolute beauty: Beauty that cuts across tastes and cultures and appeals to all human beings. For this absolute beauty there is a mathematical formula. This shows that Romantic, Renaissance and Classical case for truth being found in beauty is a valid one. We see absolute beauty which is a function of mathematics, and which all "beholders" recognize as such. The existence of absolute beauty therefore validates the case that in beauty there is truth, as much as it demonstrates that not all forms of beauty are culturally determined.

The matter however does not end there. Besides absolute beauty, there is also relative beauty that is dependent on culture and taste. This means the following: That there is someone for everyone; and that people who are not seen as beautiful in their home place and time do not have to be relegated to a lonely or a degrading existence.

Indeed, the findings for absolute beauty and relative beauty validate the rightful claims of the sides in the debate while invalidating the wrong ones. The existence of absolute beauty means that the Romantic search for truth in beauty is valid, and that there is such a thing as beauty that transcends cultural relativism. The existence of relative beauty means that there is someone for everyone.

On the obverse: The existence of absolute beauty invalidates the abuse, by women of politically correct persuasion, against beautiful women and men who love beautiful women; and the existence of relative beauty invalidates the abuse by nasty high school cultures and families of young people who are not seen as beautiful in their hometown.

To combine: There is absolute beauty that transcends culture and society, which absolute beauty is expressed in the language of the universe that is mathematics; and there is relative, taste-dependent, beauty.

"Beauty is truth, truth beauty" is correct for absolute beauty, and beauty-related pursuits such as art and poetry can arrive at universal truth - truth which is now found to be expressible through mathematics.

And, from the other side: There is someone for everyone.

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