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General Operating Systems and Applications

I've worked with pretty much everything "intel" -- and more

I've worked with operating systems, particularly the intel based ones, since DOS 2.0 but now I spend most of my time on Windows 10. I've used a lot of different versions of linux over the years but it's never really worked out. Linux has never been a sysetm that I've been able to "sell to the business". The same goes for ChromeOS even though I love the system and feel that the web is very much the future of computing. I can't see people moving off Windows at any point in the near future. I'm really not an Apple person and I try to spend as little time on their devices as possible because I find their closed ecosystem too "stifling".

In terms of applications, I've worked with pretty much every major application suite over the years from 1-2-3 R2, WordStar and DBaseIII up to Office 365.

The Applications of Choice

In terms of applications that I use everyday, here's a list of some of the best;

  • Office 365: I've used Word, Excel and PowerPoint ever since they were version 1 products though it's only been the last couple of decades that they've been my application suite of choice. I've never really been a fan of project and visio because I've rarely/never found myself in situations where I couldn't get the effect that I wanted from the existing software. The same goes for MS Publisher. The rest of the Office 365 (and earlier versions) suite is mostly good too. I have a bit of experience with Access but these days I wouldn't touch it. It's dead.

  • G-Suite: I still use G-Suite quite often, for personal things. It's free at personal levels of use and it's very effective. It's also pretty workable on Android and iOS.

  • CorelDraw! and Corel Photo-Paint: I got into this at version 3.0 and kept using it simply because as my PC got older, it got faster and faster. I eventually replaced it when we got to Windows 10. The old software was still working and I wasn't hitting any major issues, it just felt like it was time to upgrade. I've tried a lot of other software and over the years I've put in a special effort to like the GIMP as a "free alternative". I can do things with GIMP but I still don't like it.

  • Notes 9.0.1: Yep, it's still on my desktop and despite not wanting to go in there, I still end up having to use it almost daily for one thing or another. It doesn't help that I've got my home movie database in there too.

  • Chrome: I jumped on Chrome more or less as soon as it came out. I'd been using Firefox and Opera for years (and I still use them). I don't use IE because "friends don't let friends use IE". Every now and then I use Edge but most of the time that's just me accidentally clicking on it because the icon is too close to something else that I actually want to run.

  • Notepad++: This one's a keeper. Every now and then I go through an exhausting review of all the major notepad replacements out there - NPP has been the winner for the last decade and I'm sticking with it. It's also open source (free), so please follow the link to get a copy for yourself.

  • VLC/VideoLAN: This is my PC Go-to for playing all videos and music. I use this on my android devices too (and I used to have it on my iPhone before I ditched it for android. Follow the links to get a copy for Windows or for Android.

  • Acrobat and Nitro Pro: I've never been a fan of Acrobat and I switched to Nitro Pro several years ago, though we've left half the company on Acrobat because Nitro is missing a few critical features (which I've mentioned to them more than once over the years).

  • 7-Zip: I found this a decade or two ago while looking for a free alternative to WinZip. It's great and I preinstall it on all of our PCs now, just in case someone needs a decent ZIP application. Follow the link to get a copy.