About Aspergers


Aspergers is a condition which exists on the autistic spectrum.

You can find out a lot about the clinical definitions of aspergers from the wikipedia article but if you're interested in the human side of things and how it feels, you might want to read through my aspergers blog.  You can also find a list of books and films with an Aspergers/Autism connection that I have reviewed on Pinterest.

The clinical defintions of aspergers are linked below.

Do You Have Aspergers?

Short of seeing a psychiatric doctor, there's no easy way to be sure.  There are however, a some quizzes which have popped up on the internet. These are based on the DSM IV criteria and I've found them to be pretty accurate.  Personally, I feel that the RDOS quiz is the best one.  You can read my results in these quizzes here.
Finally, if you do have Aspergers or if you have some involvement with someone who has aspergers, then here's a list of good places to visit online.

Some of my Aspergers Articles

I am often asked questions about aspergers which are referenced in articles in my blog (or in other places).  Often these articles are multi-part.  To simplify the process of locating and reading them, I've grouped the links together.


I'm also a regular poster out at Special-Ism, an online publishing source chock full of professional blogs addressing the ‘Isms’ impacting children at home and in the classroom. Head over there to read posts by my colleagues in the field.  

If you specifically want to read my posts on the site, you can access them all here.  If you want to read them on the go, you'll find mobile options at the bottom of this page in eBook friendly ePub, Mobi and PDF formats.

The Blog

I've got a blog dedicated to exploring the Aspergers Condition.  It's called Life with Aspergers (http://life-with.aspergers.blogspot.com). If you're looking for answers to questions about Aspergers, that's the place to visit.  Feel free to contact me if you want more information.

Here is a feed of recent activity from it.

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