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A Background in Computing

Early Computing Interests

I guess that growing up as I did, with Doctor Who as my hero, I always had a keen interest in computers. My parents weren't terribly wealthy though and for the most part, the best I had in my early years was an old typewriter. If nothing else, at least I taught myself to type on it - though I had to unlearn and relearn several years later when I did a touch typing course.

My first forays into the world of electronic computing came as a result of playing with my father's Texas Instruments calculator - mostly when he wasn't looking. My other experience came from an old VIC 20 clone. Instead of laboriously typing in code from library books like all my other peers, I decided to start writing my own. I pretty soon exceeded the 16K Memory. My parents, seeing my interest finally decided to buy me an IBM (Luggable) - ok, so they didn't really buy it for me, they bought it for their business. In any case, my IBM compatible career was born.

I started writing applications using BASIC, then GWBASIC and finally QBASIC for my father to use for his hydrostatic calculations. Then, not long after I left school, I got Windows /286 and somehow got hold of a beta copy of Windows 3.0. From there I moved into Visual BASIC development and I discovered Lotus Notes 3.0. I stayed with Lotus Notes/Domino until 2017 when I made the leap to Office 365 and SharePoint.

I've been working in IT since 1993 and I've been in IT Management since the year 2000. In that time, I've been exposed to a huge number of technologies and concepts with particular emphasis on applications, infrastructure and technology management. I've also spent the last 18 years in the payments sector, so I have a lot of specialised knowledge in that area.

My Computing Blog

I've got a computing blog at It used to be reasonably "domino-focused" but now it's more SharePoint, Office 365 and general IT concepts.