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My Immediate Family

I'm a very family-orientated person. I believe strongly in the value of family and getting along. I'm fairly well versed in our family's history but of course, I'm building on the shoulders of giants. Those who worked out the details of the family history before me.

My background on my father's side is Australian all the way to the convicts and then British going further back. On my mother's side, things are more complicated with ancestry from Scotland, Ireland, Germany and France. The family claims to fame include being on the Hume and Hovell expedition from Sydney to Melbourne via Albury and being Governor of the Auckland Islands for a period. My father is also a well-known boat designer in Sydney.

In 1997, I married my childhood sweetheart. We had been going out on and off for ten years by then. At the time of writing (2019), we're coming up on our twenty-second wedding anniversary and we're still going strong.

I've got two children (boys) born in 2000 and 2003 respectively. The eldest, Kaelan was diagnosed with Aspergers in 2006 and this led me to discover my own condition. My youngest was diagnosed in early 2008 with High Functioning Autism. Both of my children are heavily into computing technology.

Family History

I've also got a lot of family photos online, including a lot of historical ones on Google Photos. It's been a long-standing project of mine to scan in and retouch every photo from every album or slide in our family. It's taken years to complete and I'm now working through my wife's family.

On my father's side, the family goes right back to the second fleet - and the first William Bollard to come to Australia came as a convict. Prior to that, there's a suggestion that they were Scandinavian before they were British (English). On my mother's side, they came from everywhere with a touch of Irish, Scottish, French and German blood.

My wife is a Kiwi with a Scottish mother and a Kiwi Dad. Her paternal grandfather was American. I guess that pretty much makes our family a bit of a mixed bunch but we're proud of our heritage.

Family Trees

The family tree is all on WikiTree which is a free site that inter-connects trees. It doesn't show living relatives to non-members, so here's a few helpers to get you started;

I used to host the Family Tree on Genes Reunited and I think it's still there but since I'm no longer a paid member, I can't do much for you there.

Christmas Pages

It was a bit of a family tradition to publish an annual newsletter and a Christmas "photoshopped" photo (for about 10 years anyway). If you're interested, you can go here to see them.

Family Blog

I used to keep a family blog from 2005 - 2013 but I got too busy to update it, so it's archived now but there's an ePub of it available below.