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A long time ago

Once I was a gamer. A long time ago. These days, I'm really not very good at them.

On the plus side, I got to be a gamer at the very dawn of home computer gaming and that was a great experience. Over the years, I've played hundreds of computer games simple pong on the TV. Most of the games I've played have been for PC, with only a short break for Playstation 2 while the kids were small enough to need my help. I did get a bit of a look-in on the Wii before they took it over. These days however, I'm back to the PC because there's no chance that I'll get near their consoles.

I've got a major preference for Adventure games first and with Role Playing Games and First Person shooters second/third. I really don't enjoy platform games much as I have major "jumping problems" and I tend to fall of moving platforms far too often.

Since I like making lists so much, I've created some lists of games I've enjoyed - and played right to the end.

Oh, and at the end of this page, I'm providing links to some great FREE games that you might want to download (for the PC)

If you prefer a Graphical list, check out my Pinterest Board of Games I've played.