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and later

The popular forerunner of several discothèques or nightclubs in the same building

by Beverley Rogers

Mumbles has been recently featured at the top of the list of 52 Places to Love in 2021 in the New York Times. It has also appeared in the Sunday Times’ Best Places to live for three years in a row. This is a glowing accolade for our lovely seaside village . . .

Mumbles, situated on a headland, is on the western edge of Swansea Bay
The Dunns, c.1922

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Heathwood Road, West Cross, under construction. Evening Post 7 Jan 1950

The Development of The West Cross Housing Estate > by local Historian Wendy Cope
In 1945 Swansea Council planned the estate to help overcome the shortage of housing and negotiation took place to compulsorily purchase Grange Farm, which covered 62 acres and was valued at £14,500.

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The time has come for us to press on in a southwards direction towards ‘the Plunch’ and Limeslade Bay.

Having spent an idyllic childhood playing and exploring all these places, I thought it would be fun to retrace some of my childhood steps.

Stuart says, my 3 yr old sister Viv, dressed as Red Riding Hood, won 1st prize in a Fancy Dress event

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by Stuart Batcup

Latest News August 2021, Mumbles Oyster Company have started relaying 4 million native oysters to the beds at Mumbles in Swansea Bay. More: On our Facebook page


The Mumbles Lifeboat >

by Kate Jones
Latest Shop opening hours 11 to 2.30 pm

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A look back with affection to summer days

The Mixon Sands at Bracelet Bay >

Discover more of this phenomenon
Many Mumbles street names have changed >
But where are they?
by Carol Powell
Geology and Quarrying In Mumbles >
Ian Prothero
Many residents of Mumbles live within a stone’s throw (or two) of a former quarry or limekiln.

The Rotherslade Bay Improvement Scheme >
by Kate Jones

Called by many 'The White Elephant'

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Full 2021 Interview

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The Children Who Loved Booksby Edna Davies and Doreen Peregrine

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In remembrance