The Victorian Village, c1885

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Sailor . . .
Part of my Oyster themed collection

A History of Mumbles
Editors: John & Carol Powell
Our sphere of research is the Old Parish of Oystermouth

Is the question we are asked most often

Remembering The Mumbles Train

The route at first was along the seashore, 
but this changed . . .

The Mumbles Railway 
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A look back through Time

Mumbles Lighthouse, Pier & Hill

The Mixon Sandbank Adventure

Visits to the Sandbank have taken place on two occasions, in 1928 and in January 1957 and are told here:-

by Carol Powell
At low tide, the waves passing over the Mixon Sandbank can be impressive when viewed from Bracelet Bay. 

Higher Lane, Langland -Development

There are plans to construct 47 houses on the still-unspoilt land, adjacent to 104 Higher Lane Langland Swansea, SA3 4PS. 
Swansea City Council Planning, Ref. number: 2017/2628/PRE.

This is a pre planning application and details will follow. 


Is Mumbles a type of speech defect?'

'Mumbles . . . is not a type of speech defect,

Mumbles is a place and a very pretty one too.'

The next OHA meeting

The programme of talks for 2018 

Oystermouth Library Exhibition

The Mumbles Lifeboat Station History book

Available from: at Cover to Cover bookshop in Newton Road, Dragon Crafts (close to Joe's).
As well as Pier 39 (next to Oyster Wharf) and the Lamplighter in Bishopston. Only £8.95 and packed with photographs!

Unfortunately, the pier is closed for repairs. We will let you know here when the boathouse shop is accessible again.

The Trees on the promenade

The demolition of the trees on the seaward side of 'the Cutting' at West Cross, made significant change to the promenade

Oystermouth Radio

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Mumbles Baptist Church Nativity photo, with names

Standard 5, in Oystermouth Church School, 1925

The names are listed with the larger photo.
Do you know any of the Christian names?

Many other Oystermouth Schools  photos


Fantastic news that the wonderful Gower Walking Festival will return in 2018 !

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