The Terrace, shops and Police Station, 1941

The Mumbles Railway: The route from Blackpill to Oystermouth

The route taken and motive power, has changed several times

Holidays in Blackpill by Sandra Haynes

by Sandra Haynes who has lived in Australia since 1975, but who remembers with affection her holidays in Blackpill just after the war

Near Lilliput Hall: A Hawker, Lady cyclists & The Mumbles Steam Train, pre 1890

Lilliput Hall: Its Life and Times by Carol Powell

A little way beyond Blackpill on the seaward side of the main road to the Mumbles, stood picturesque Lilliput Hall ...

On The Turnpike Road To Mumbles and beyond by Carol Powell MA

Cycling on the road between Blackpill & West Cross

Memories of the Mumbles Train 1807 - 1960 edited by Carol Powell

... the front of the engine and blow the warning whistle. I was born in Blackpill and the trains went right past. I was fifteen when I started work and stayed ...

Mill Lane, Blackpill, c1860

Childhood memories of a Nonarian by Olive Gluyas nee Whale

Blackpill, where my father had built a bungalow near the old railway, called ‘The Olives,’ which still stands today.

... I had been away! 1 1926: Admiral Algernon Walker-Heneage-Vivian, of Clyne Gastle, Blackpill, Swansea, C.B., M.V.O

Life with the Vivians by Iris David

... valet to Graham Vivian who was then 75 and living at Clyne Castle, at Blackpill. This was a job for a single man, because it entailed much travelling—Mr Vivian ...

Thomas Beckett: Head Gardener of Clyne Castle by Haydn Griffiths

... his duties as Head GardenerWhen the Admiral died, the staff at Clyne Castle, Blackpill, dispersed, the days of the private residence, being virtually over. At this stage Mr. Beckett ...

Gran Was A Lady's Maid by Sue Barr... the present-day Civil Emergency Bunker on TA land, on the Mumbles Road between Blackpill and West Cross. My Grandmother, Ada Noyes, ladies maid (photo) was so proud of the ..

Clyne Gardens, Blackpill

Clyne Gardens Clyne Gardens are famous internationally for their superb collections of Rhododendrons and other rare plants. It offers a haven of tranquillity, lush planting and interesting features on its .

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Edwardian Days at the Seaside by Carol Powell M.A.

... tells proudly, of her father, Frank's career, ‘He was born in 1888 at Blackpill, in one of a row of cottages alongside the track. As soon as he was ...

The Women’s Suffrage Movement in Mumbles by Carol Powell M.A.

... barrister has stood at his Lordship’s bar—she was a Miss Stevens from Blackpill! To live to see the triumph of a ‘lost’ cause must be almost the greatest ...

An Old Quay at Mumbles by Carol Powell M.A.

... with here and there stumps of trees, mark the encroachment in the neighbourhood of Blackpill (see also p 93)The history of the Port of Swansea by WH Jones p355 ...

Norton, Mumbles

... Last War ... of the anti-tank blocks, which extended intermittently along the shore, from Blackpill to Norton. Castle Acre - air-raid shelters, which were dark and damp and ideal to ...

West Cross, Mumbles

... Lilliput Hall ... introduced a road widening and landscaping scheme along the shore line between Blackpill and West Cross. Several properties between the Mumbles Road and the shore were purchased and

Blackpill Tithe Map, 1844

Blackpill Tithe Map, 1844 © W G Archives. More: A Larger image