Lighthouse & Fort

Before the fort, 1814

by Daniell, William
A view from the castle, by Mary Dillwyn, 1850s

The Headland, by Harvey Barton, c1885

New: Overtaken by the Tide - October 1886 by Kate Jones

'On the lighthouse island Keeper Abraham Ace watched a darkly-clad man picking his way across the sounds from the mainland. The main was his assistant, William Walkey, and the tide was coming in . . .'

Keepers of the Light by Carol Powell M.A.

Living at Mumbles Lighthouse . But when the tempests crash and storm fiends roar, And the breakers dash on the rocky shore, And the Mixon is drowned ...

The story and poem of The women of Mumbles Head

... The two women involved, Jessie Ace and Margaret Wright, were the daughters of the lighthouse keeper, Abraham Ace. They, with the help of Gunner Hutchings from the lighthouse fort, rescued ...

Mumbles Lighthouse - Captured in Time

... 28 June 2013, Unveiled after a long period undergoing maintenance

The Mumbles Lifeboat and Lighthouse In the Nineteenth Century

... a large ship, the 'Admiral Prinz Adalbert', was thrown onto the rocks of the lighthouse island. The lifeboat went to her aid but was capsized three times, Jenkin Jenkins lost ...

Mumbles Hill, A Ramble Through Time by Carol Powell M.A.

... great fleet of oyster boats which had been dredging was coming in round the lighthouse point with every shade of white and amber sails gay in the afternoon sun as ...

In the Defence of Mumbles & Swansea before 1918 by Carol Powell

... close to Mumbles in the Bristol Channel off Lundy Island. Beaufort Estate Map of Lighthouse & Battery 1803, Copyright-West Glamorgan Archive, D/D Beau E 1/29 A battery was ...

Days out at Bracelet Bay by Carol Powell

Mumbles Lighthouse overlooking Bracelet Bay, c1955 For many years in all weathers, I have enjoyed visits to Bracelet Bay. In the 1950s, nature had designed a large ...

My Life at Mumbles Coastguard Station by John Jeffers

... or the tide to go into Swansea docks. In about 1936 when the Mumbles lighthouse light went automatic the Coastguard in the lookout on Tutt Hill operated the light house ...

Amy Dillwyn, Frances Havergal and Morfydd Owen by Gary Gregor

... ships with all sails up entering Swansea harbour, and was interested to visit Mumbles Lighthouse and speak with the lighthouse keeper.

Mumbles welcomed the Sussex Regiment a collection of memories

... the Sussex Regiment A collection of memories The Sussex manned the guns at the lighthouse and Mumbles Head, and when they went off, one knew there was a war on ...

My Story: Extracts from the autobiography of Esther May Flowers Edwards

... to go on and we knew we were doing wrong. We went on the lighthouse and saw one of the Eynons, who showed us how the lighthouse worked.

Memoirs of a Victorian Girl

... then, a matter of hundreds, that we could speak to all. There was a lighthouse, coastguards, Bell that warned ships off the rocks for it was and is a dangerous ...

When Mumbles was ‘The Mumbles’ - poem a poem by Cyril Gwynn

... In the crew who sailed the lifeboat ‘round the headland. When ‘Jasper’ on the lighthouse all passing vessels warned To shape their course away from Mixen Sands, When Mr. Clough ...

Grandpa Darling by Maisie Harris

Two sons of the coxswain were in Bob’s Cave under the lighthouse and one of them had a broken leg.

Oyster Industry: The Great Storm of January 1881 by Carol Powell

... others severely damaged. The Cambrian reported that the following morning, 'The shore around the lighthouse was strewn with various kinds of wreckage.' Forty foot of the seawall had been washed ...

The Headland, after 1929

Telegraph Station, c1900

A Later view

A stormy tide in Bracelet Bay

The Causeway after 1950 & today