Final Foundations of Art Porfolio

Beautiful Oops

September 2

Time Capsules

September 8

Blind Contour

September 22

Zentangle Value

September 22

Negative Space

September 28

Pure Contour

October 2

Abstract Shoe

October 8


October 26


October 30

Creating Value

December 1

Observational Drawings

December 11

Mixed Media Drawing

January 4

Color Study

February 23

Color Wheel

March 17


March 31


April 13


May 9

Wire Sculpture

May 25

Assemblage Sculpture

June 9


My overall experience in this class was a good one, although there were some ups and some downs. Out of all the things that we did and all of the projects that we made, my favorite of them was the creative color wheel; both the process and the outcome are ones that I enjoyed and am now proud of. On the opposite end of the spectrum is the wire sculpture, which I absolutely loathed making; both my lack of strength and my lack of time contributed to a bad experience and an even worse outcome. However, despite this, I still enjoyed taking this class.

The products that I am most proud of are my creative color wheel, and my value self-portrait. Both of these are projects that I think both came out to be very visually appealing as well as met the criteria for the project, which are goals of mine. I feel as though both of these prove that I have learned and improved this year: prior to this year, I could not draw a self-portrait to save my life, but now I feel proud to have made one; and also prior to this year, I had never really worked with paints of any sort, and now I feel proud to have created a painting--one with 84 colors, no less.

In the end, I feel as though this class has been a valuable experience for me. Not only have I been able to partake in projects and create things which I probably wouldn't have otherwise, but I've also been able to look at art from a new perspective, especially after the art history unit that we did. Now, I am able to look at the world around me and see the influence that art has had on it, and likely will continue to have on it. For whether it be old and famous art, or the contemporary art of today, it is all around us.