Creative Color Still Life


SEP. 20, 2017 — acrylic and pen on watercolor paper

In this project, the objective was to draw an observational piece while using colors in an interesting / creative way.

In the beginning, I drew a pair of scissors that was handy, thinking of making it look like they were going to cut some sort of creature in half. However, when that plan didn't work out, I decided to start fresh—a candle sitting on my desk caught my eye, so I went with that. After sketching out the candle and matches, I realized that there was a lot of empty space at the top that I wanted to fill up. So, remembering that we were able to incorporate unrealistic elements into the drawing, I chose to draw a ghost / monster thing coming out of the flame. That done, I went over the lines with pen, painted in some color with acrylics and water, and was done.

This project was a bit stressful at first, since I didn't know what I was going to do to make this piece look nice. However, once I switched gears and started on creating an image with a candle, it started to turn out better. I had some fun with the colors of the candle, using watercolor to achieve the blended look that I wanted. I also liked how it looked once I went over it with pen again—it had cleaner lines, which was nice, and it became easier to distinguish the foreground from the background. All in all, this project wasn't the worst once that I've done, so that's good.