Extended Gelatin Prints

MAY 12, 2016

In this project, we made gelatin prints—we rolled ink onto a slab of gelatin. used different materials to make interesting designs on the ink, and then printed onto the paper.

The first thing that I did was get a piece of gelatin, roll out the ink on a piece of glass, and roll the ink out over the gelatin. After doing this, it was pretty much just experimenting with different materials—I pressed things such as bubble wrap, weird seaweed, and paper towels into the ink. This left an imprint in it, which was transferred onto the paper when I actually got around to printing. I did this several times, changing the materials that I was using and also changing the way in which I used them, until I had some prints that I was relatively pleased with. Then, once these dried, I drew on them with some fine-point pens—I didn't have any particular ideas in mind while I did this, meaning that this was mostly just me doodling, but I'm still pleased with the outcome.

To be quite honest, I didn't like the printing portion of this assignment—the jelly felt so fragile that I was constantly worried that I was going to break it in some way. Furthermore, the brayer that I was used wasn't working very well, and so very little ink was being transferred to the gelatin. However, I think that despite this, I did an okay job getting an even distribution of ink throughout the prints, and also that I used the textured materials in an interesting way. As for the drawings, I think that I chose colors that go well with the rest of the prints, and that I worked well trying to incorporate interesting drawings into the piece.