Mainah Project

In this project, we had to make a contemporary sculpture about Maine icons.

I originally thought that I wanted to do something with a lighthouse, but I wasn’t sure how I would do this. After a while of thinking about it, I decided that I would try something else. I had a clay vase that I had made in the kiln, and that I hadn’t painted yet—maybe I could do something with that. I started off by painting a scene around the vase: a lighthouse, like I had originally planned; a small house/cottage thing with some flowers; a sky that could be interpreted as either dawn or dusk. After that, I had to think about something to fill it up with. I decided I would make some blueberries.

As soon as I started, I realized that I didn’t really know what blueberries looked like—yeah, they were blue spheres. But what about the details? So I spent some time browsing blueberry pictures, taking into account their colors and shapes, and then I got to work. I began with a Sculpey base, but the blue was too bright, so I painted over it after they were baked. I also made some branches out of brown Sculpey, and leaves out of the green. I painted these, too, when they were done being baked. Toward the end of the process, my younger brother got into a bit of a mood and decided it would be entertaining to throw something at me—something which unfortunately hit my project, breaking off a few pieces. I was able to hot glue them back on, but it does look a bit odd because of that. Finally, I arranged all of the branches of blueberries in the vase, and glued some extra leaves on to fill the space.

I didn’t really like this project, in all honestly. There are only so many Maine icons to choose from, and I felt like my project would come out too similarly to everyone else’s because of this. It was kind of fun to make the blueberries, though, since I like making miniatures. And the vase was fun too—I liked trying to paint a scene around it, and I think it turned out well. While the process was fun, the concept was what I didn’t really like, I guess.