Time Capsules

SEPTEMBER 14, 2016

In this project, we were assigned to draw four things: our hand in an interesting position, an object that we rely on, a section of our face, and a hallway. The point of this was so that later in the year, we could look back at these and see how much we have improved since then.

To start off with, I drew the object that I rely on. I chose to draw scissors for two reasons: I had them on hand, and also I've tried to cut paper without scissors before, which didn't turn out too good. I started by drawing a loose border on the paper, and then I drew the actual picture. Next, I drew my hand in an interesting position. I decided to do a simple thumbs up because the position wasn't too uncomfortable to hold for an extended period of time. After I had finished with that one, I moved onto the section of my face. Surprisingly, this was the easiest one, probably because I've gotten used to the shape of my eyebrows and nose. Finally, I drew my hallway; it was from sort of a strange angle, which might contribute to the fact that it looks strange.

I think that I did okay on these. I mean, I've definitely done better, but still these aren't too shabby. I think that my lines on the scissors picture are especially acceptable, and I like the fact that instead of doing actual shading, I just used small, short lines for the darker sections—much akin to stippling. As for my hand picture, I know that it's only mediocre. Drawing hands isn't my strong suit, so I obviously wasn't too fond of that assignment. I do think that I could have put some more effort into the lines, as well as the shading, because my hand drawing from the beginning of last year was better than this one. Onto my eye drawing, it's okay. The proportions are reasonable, and that shapes remain pretty true to my face. While it's not exceptionally detailed, nor exceptionally realistic, it does look like my eye and nose, so I'm okay with it. Perhaps some more effort could have gone into adding value and making a better use of space, but considering this is a "pre-instruction" image, I can live with it. Finally, the hallway drawing. It's not horrible, especially since we had a whole unit on perspective last year, but it's also not one of my better pieces. The lines are a bit wavy, and it's apparent that the doors are a bit out of perspective and lopsided. On the other hand, I do think that I did an okay job at putting things into perspective size-wise. Thus, I am okay with these drawings, but they are not the best thing I've done.