Extended Blind Contour Animal


SEP. 24, 2018 — pen

In this project, we were tasked to do a blind contour drawing of a toy animal—that is, we were to draw it without looking at our paper.

After picking the animal that I wanted to draw, the process for this project was relatively straightforward. I put my pen to the paper and drew, trying my best to follow the lines of the toy that I was observing. I did a few of these drawings (they were pretty quick and easy), sometimes choosing different animals to draw, and then I looked them all over and chose the one that I liked best. I went in with a fine-point pen and added some details (mostly I added hair), and I also added a colored rectangle for the background (since I wanted something to be back there, but I wasn't devoted enough to do a full-blown scene). Thus, I was finished.

This project was actually very stress-free and simple. I like doing blind-contour drawings because they're fun and easy, and even if they don't turn out looking "perfect" they still look pretty cool. I think that I made good use of contrast (both between the black and white and between the monochrome and colored portions of the drawing). Additionally, I think that my choice of not doing a full background was effective—if I had colored in the entirety of the background with a scene, I feel like the bull (?) would have been overshadowed, whereas I really wanted it to be the main focus since that was what this project was all about. Overall, I think that I did a pretty good job with this project, and I feel alright with how it came out.