Composite Figure


OCT. 10, 2018 — pen and colored pencil

In this project, we were given two random nouns and tasked to create a composite image from them.

My two words were cat and pineapple. At first, I considered drawing a cat with a pineapple body; however, after attempting to sketch it out, I quickly discovered that drawing a whole pineapple was exceptionally difficult, so I scrapped that idea. Then I started thinking about different types of pineapple, and upon remembering that sliced pineapple exists, I decided that that would make a good head. Thus, I sketched out a cat body with a pineapple slice for a head, and then I went in with pen and drew all of the hairs on the cat's body. After that was finally done, I used colored pencil to fill in the pineapple, and to finish it off I added a quick pattern to the background. Since I finished early, I was politely asked to make another one (using the same words as inspiration) so I chose to stick with sliced pineapple but apply it in a different way. Thus, I chose to use it as eyes this time and do a close-up of the cat's face. I sketched it out with pencil and then began the tedious task of using a pen to draw all of the hair. Then, similar to the first one, I used colored pencil to fill in the pineapple slices and to add a pattern to the background. With that, I was done.

This project was pretty fun and, surprisingly enough, was finished relatively quickly. The first drawing took me a few hours (most of that time was spent on the hair), but the second one only took me one class period, which was surprising. I think that I made good use of texture in these drawings (at least I hope so, since I took the time to draw every hair on the cat one by one), and I also attempted to make use of highlights and shadows by making the lines closer together in some areas and further apart in others. Additionally, I think that I have good contrast throughout (the black against the white and the black/white against the colors), and although my background is simple, I think it works with the drawing. Overall, I'm pleased with the outcome—I think that it's a lot more lighthearted than most of my drawings, so that's cool.