Blind Contour

SEPTEMBER 20, 2015

For this assignment, we were asked to draw both our face and our hand, except we had to draw both without looking at the paper. Then we had to turn one of the two drawings into a finished piece.

I drew my hand in as interesting a position I could think of, however I drew it many times on the same paper which caused them to overlap and form a very strange shape. At first I hadn't the slightest idea as to what I could make it into, but then I finally decided to make it into a sort of octopus-like thing. As for the face drawing, it turned out very strange and many of the facial features are obviously not proportioned correctly or in the right place, which seems to be the point of blind contouring.

I decided to turn my hand drawing into a finished piece because it had the most interesting shape. At first I hadn't the slightest idea what to turn it into, because I am not used to doing abstract drawings and as such I thought that perhaps that wouldn't be a good idea; I wanted to make something more solid and definite. The octopus idea eventually came to mind because the "fingers" were reminiscent of tentacles, and as such I figured that it may as well be some sort of alien-octopus hybrid. I decided to color it as I did because I thought that the bright purple would make it more visually appealing. I chose to use bold black lines because this was a more cartoon-ish piece, and as such I thought that it wasn't the right place for sketch lines. The white patterns on the drawings were the result of me attempting cover up the stray Sharpie lines, and I likes the contest this provided, as well as the extra pizzazz that this added to the drawing overall. Texture-wise, I attempted to recreate the liquidity of the ink by adding a white shine to the black, which also created a nice contrast, which I like. All in all, this turned out nicely. The reason I chose not to finalize the face drawing was because I had absolutely no idea what I would do with it, and I thought that if I did try to color it in and add some details, I might only end up making it worse. The lines were strange and wobbly, and I think that I made the correct choice in not choosing that one.