SEP. 10, 2018 — acrylic and pen on watercolor paper

For this project, we were given a few random prompts. We had to choose one of them and make a drawing based off of it.

The prompt that I chose for this project was "a one-eyed monster riding a unicycle and drinking a milkshake with a straw." I figured that this would be fun to do, since it was kind of random, so I sketched out my idea and then went over the lines with pen. After that, I used watered-down acrylic to color it; I decided to use lighter, more "happy" colors since a lot of my work tends to be on the darker side. Also, I thought a "cotton candy" color scheme would suit the drawing—since, as I mentioned, it was kind of random and light-hearted. Once I was done with that, I ended up having to go over all of the pen lines again (since the paint had covered most of them), and then to finish it off I lightly shaded using very watered down black paint.

This project was pretty fun. It was a nice reintroduction to art class (especially since I hadn't done any art over the entire summer... sorry, Ms. Medsker!) and it allowed me to play around with some colors that I don't typically use. Although I opted for a simple background, I think that it suits the drawing; I didn't go too much into details on the monster, so I figured that just having a solid background would be fine. As for the monster itself, I did try to add some shading and highlights to make it pop out some more, but other than that I left it pretty simple and straightforward. It was nice to take a break from my typical detail-oriented artwork, but hopefully the rest of my pieces this year will have a little more depth. Overall, the piece has pretty solid line quality and I made sure that the colors were solid as well, and I feel okay about the final product.