MLTI T-shirt Design


FEB. 12, 2019 — digital illustration

For this project, we were tasked to create an image that met the criteria to be used as the MLTI student conference t-shirt.

I wasn't really invested in this project, which meant that idea generation took a while. At first I was going to draw a lobster wearing a t-shirt, and the t-shirt would be the t-shirt that the lobster was on—however, not only was that way too time consuming to even think about, but also it would be difficult for me to make that into a high-contrast image. So, I decided to take a different route and do something pertaining to my monster concentration. I drew out the shape of Maine, colored it black, and added a bunch of eyes. Then I gave it arms and legs, slapped some Birkenstocks onto it, and made it hold a wrench to show that it was creating something, since that was sort of the theme. It was more of a doodle than an actual project, but I went with it. Finally, as per the criteria, I put the required text and logos onto it.

This project was sort of a challenge for me, so I have mixed feelings about the outcome. However, I guess that it was kind of nice to create something simple that didn't require too much time or effort (and which didn't really allow for a bunch of tiny details), and I like that I was able to make something that also fit into my concentration (although this obviously will not be something that I submit with my AP portfolio).