Duck Stamp

JANUARY 16, 2017

In this project, the objective was to create an image of a duck for the Junior Duck Stamp competition.

The first thing that we did was research some of the eligible ducks and determine which one we wanted to use in our piece. I chose the fulvous whistling duck, because I liked the colors. Once that was done, we did some further research on it, such as its feather patterns, habitat, etc., did a few preliminary sketches, and then we created a reference image using photos that we found online. After we printed that out, it was time to start. I chose to create mine on watercolor paper, because I knew that I wanted to do some painting. I first sketched out where I wanted everything to be, and after that, I began painting. I started with the water, and then I moved onto the duck, which took the longest because of all the little details. Once finished with the duck, I added in some of the surrounding area, such as the little islands in the water, and the grass in the very back.

I liked this project, and I'm pretty satisfied with the result. I think it was fun to step out of my comfort zone and draw something which I never really had before. I also like how my color scheme came out—I was worried about this at first, because I though the brown of the duck might get lost with the brown dirt and become kind of flat, but I don't think that ended up happening. Futhermore, I think that I did a decent job creating the reflections in the water, and that (except for the very back of the background) everything ties together pretty well. If I could change anything, it would probably be to fix the grass in the back, since I don't really like how that turned out. But, all in all, I think that this is a nice piece.