Leaf Portfolio

That's Funny / That's Not Funny

OCT. 16, 2017 — gelatin prints and pen on watercolor paper / acrylic and pen on watercolor paper

In this project, the assignment was to create to separate images of leaves. In one we had to extend a gelatin print that we'd made with leaves; in the other, we had to draw leaves from observation.

I chose to start with the extended gelatin print, since it seemed like it would be a pretty fast process. It was—I knew what I wanted to do immediately after we'd gotten the project, so I didn't have to worry about that. I went in with black fine-point pen, drawing creatures in the white space left after the print. It was fun, but there wasn't enough color once I'd finished the outlines, so I went back in with red pen and added some more. After this one was done, I started on my observational piece. This one didn't take as long as I'd expected, either; sketching the outlines of the leaves did take roughly a class period, but once that was finished, the actual painting process was quick. I put down a layer of paint, waited for it to dry, and then added another layer and tried to make it blend into fall-like colors.

This project was fun. It was pretty stress-free (other than the cleanup process of the gelatin, but that was my own fault) and it wasn't terribly time-consuming. I like both of them but for different reasons. The bright red of the gelatin print looks nice against the contrast of the white paper and black ink, in my opinion, but it is a bit dull. Also, I think that I could've had a better composition. As for the observational piece, it looks kind of plain and boring, and it's very flat. I wish that I'd been able to somehow add more depth to it. I'll try to work on that in the future.