Beautiful Oops


In this assignment, we were given papers that had random ink splatters on them, and we were asked to turn said ink splatters into a drawing using whatever materials we wished to. The main point of this project was problem-solving, and (of course) learning to turn mistakes into art.

I chose to turn my ink splatters into some sort of robot. The first thing I did was sketch out the outlines, and then I went over those darker with pencil. For the oil/dark substance found on and around the robot, I chose to draw that with a pen. I first sketched out where I thought I wanted these dark spots to be, and then when I liked the shape I redrew it in pen. The highlights of the oil/dark substance were also done in pen, however this one had white ink.

I decided to do a robot simply because that was what I felt like drawing at the time. I also thought it might be fun to play around with contrast, hence the fact that the robot is done in pencil and the rest is done with pen. I chose not to color this robot due to two things: one is the fact that I do not like coloring, and two is that I thought that if I added color it might be too much and would detract from the point of the drawing. I think that if I had colored it in, however, it most likely would have turned out fine. With the oil-y stuff, I attempted to capture its liquid texture by using a white pen and highlighting it, and I think that that part turned out okay. Also, although I understand that leaving white space on paper is in general not a good thing, I happen to like it; if there is only one thing on the page then it is to that place that the eye will automatically be drawn, and that is what I like for to happen. I tried to compromise those two by coloring around the robot's feet.