Zentangle Value

SEPTEMBER 20, 2015

In this assignment we were asked to create a value strip that was composed of different designs, starting dark and one end and gradually fading into light at the other.

I started off with first drawing the darkest, lightest, and medium values, then going back and filling in the values in between. I chose one design to use for each value, however these designs weren't so much consciously chosen as I just started to draw and made up the design as I went. For the lightest and darkest values I used different pencils (4H and 4B, respectively) however for the other values I used a regular writing pencil.

I did not have a specific plan in mind when creating this. The designs I made up as I went, and I did my best to put the correct values in the correct places, which proved to be more difficult than I originally anticipated. Though I went in without a plan, I still wanted to make my lines and shapes interesting, and I think that overall they turned out about average. Along the way I also drew some of the design ideas from the things I saw around me; for instance, the flower design was prompted by flowers that my mother had put into the kitchen. Obviously I did not use any color for this project because it was value that we were attempting to show, but I played around with contrast in an effort to make this more visually appearing. The effective use of space was difficult for me to accomplish, but I did try. All in all, I think that this tangle could be more balanced, but that the final product is okay.