Time Capsules


SEP. 18, 2018 — pencil, pen, marker, oil pastels

In this project (which we do every year) we were given four prompts to fulfill: a super zoomed-in part of our body, an object that represents our past, an object that represents our future, and a folded piece of paper.

As always, I was reluctant to start this project. However, through sheer willpower, I managed to get through all four parts. To begin with I drew the object that represented my past (a Crayola marker, since I drew with those a lot as a child), choosing to color that image with a red marker. Then I drew the object that represented my future (a lightbulb... because I want to have a bright future... haha). I chose to draw this on tinted paper, since I thought that the dark background would bring out the white in the lightbulb itself. Then I drew the piece of folded paper (done on tinted paper for a similar reason as the last one). And, finally, I did a small drawing of a zoomed-in view of one of my fingers. All of these were first sketched with pencil and then outlined in pen, shading and adding color as I saw fit.

I feel pretty neutral on these. For the most part, I think that I made good use of color and shading—I added color where I saw necessary, but I also chose to do one of the drawings completely in black and white, which is something that I don't usually do. However, I think that the contrast works well, so I'm not upset about that. On the drawing of the lightbulb and the one folded paper, I did have a bit of trouble with the oil pastel since I'm not used to using them—it smudged my pen lines, which I wasn't anticipating, but I managed to cover it up for the most part. In the end, looking back on my time capsules from freshman year, I am pleasantly surprised that I've grown a lot. I'm infusing my own style into the drawings and I'm also less afraid to try new materials, so that's good, I guess.