Abstract Englargement


SEP. 20, 2018 — marker and pen

In this project, we were given a small, abstract image and asked to enlarge and duplicate it. Our enlargement would then be pieced together with our classmates', eventually creating one big image (in theory).

We were each given two, and I knew that I wanted both of them to be similar but not exactly the same. So, I chose similar color schemes—for the first one, after outlining the dark space in pencil, I went back in with black marker and filled it in. Then, for the lighter background, I used an orange marker to fill in the paper with a pattern. For the second one, I had a similar process, except that I used a green marker for the background and used a different pattern. In the end, I thought that the dark areas looked a little bland, so I added some pattern to that part as well—and even though it wasn't completely visible, it did add an extra level if you got close enough to see it.

This project was pretty simple and straightforward. I hadn't done this sort of thing since freshmen year, so I was a little concerned about whether my proportions were right, and thus I ended up measuring it out with a ruler in order to make sure that everything was where it was supposed to be. However, for the most part, this was a pretty easy project. I think that I made good use of contrast, and the fact that I was able to do so while also adding some color and pattern made me happy. While I'm not really a fan of making abstract art, I do think that this turned out alright, so I'm feeling okay about the project overall.